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Neal: Now I find the music box..
Mozzie: And steal it? Welcome back.

Peter: There's something I need to tell you. I know what the guy wants.
Neal: What guy?
Peter: The guy in the picture with Kate. I am going to need you to listen. Kate told me and now I am going to tell you.

Cigar tube nice - FBI is breaking out the Thunder Bolts for this one.


Elizabeth: You gonna tell him that you met with Kate?
Peter: I don't think he trusts me enough. After the case, then we'll decide.

If we do business off the books, we should talk off the clocks.


(to Peter) I'm the one you can't trust? That's surprising.


What do you mean you don't invest over the phone? The Cuban Missile crisis was handled over the phone.


Neal: I found the ring, it's Peter.
Mozzie: I'm so sorry man.

(to Peter) You are a man of many faces.

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