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I'm really glad you got into the White Collar crimes where nothing crazy happens.


Sex games gone wrong? (Referring to the murder of Dmitri)


No Peter, menacing - you look like a person whose kid just struck out.


(Looking at the scantily-clad FBI agent) So where do you keep your gun?


Neal: I thought you were a model -
FBI Lady: And I thought you were one of the smart ones.

Neal: 64 and counting -
Peter: Why is it that when Neal Caffery throws a party 64 models show up?
Neal: No wait 65 - what? They were twins!

Neal: There's nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life Peter.
Peter: (looking around at the FBI confiscation room) But, then why does all the stuff end up here?

Whisky perfect - and I just found scotch over here.

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