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The crime isn't the hard part, it's getting away with it. You never know how an investigation is going to go, what evidence you leave behind. Better get used to sleeping with one eye open.


Mozzie: Come on, really?
Neal: You wanna try Bob Villa or what?

Elizabeth: Mozzie, Neal...what are you two doing here?
Neal: Hey Elizabeth, is Satchmo free this afternoon?

Mr. Conspiracy, if you could stand here and not move, please.

Peter[to Mozzie]

Elizabeth: Honey, do you want to grab a sub and go play with Neal?
Peter: Yes.

Elizabeth: You just happened to have the will in your pocket?
Peter: Yeah, Eagle Scout, always be prepared.

Choose well. Very soon we are going to be on an airplane to a different life.

Mozzie [to Neal about his new alias]

Peter [about Neal's anklet]: It's so I don't lose him.
Savannah: Are you his grandpa?
Peter: Aren't you supposed to go to your room?

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