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I'm doing the newspaper thing - I'm not doing the stupid bird thing.


If I did it, would they make me a junior FBI agent too?

Mr. Walker

What do you say? Want to break into a bank?


You're right Peter - I have a life here.


Neal Caffrey on paper - not so good.


Elizabeth: What do you think he was going to say?
Peter: I don't know.
Elizabeth: Do you think he was going to leave Kate?
Peter: I don't know. Doesn't matter.
Elizabeth: I think it matters.
Peter: Why, it's kind of a mute point now.
Elizabeth: It matters to you.

Mr. Caffrey a suggestion for the next time you commit a crime don't get caught. And on your back swing, just keep it smooth.

Mr. Walker

Peter: This is New York we'll catch him.
Neal: Is that your half time speech?

Peter: I hope you're not planning on walking with that.
Neal: No law against thinking about it.

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