Nicole and Ryder, their communications are hysterical, they don't really talk to each other, they more or less grunt.

I like my boobs.

A little homosexual, three guys in a hot tub.

Without her here, it would have been different.

I'm not gonna get my nails done with her.

JWoww: Oh no, he's gonna drown!
Snooki: They live in water!
Vinny: It lives in salt water, you idiot.

Snooki: I'm not white.
Jenni: What are you?
Snooki: Tan.

I'm drinking my horny goat weed. I'm gonna masturbate and I'm going to bed.

Sammi: Who gives a f*%k?
JWoww: What, did you grow some balls all of a sudden?

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