Ron ... compose yourself.

We're having another great night out, then the next thing I know, I turn around and Ronnie's $h!tfaced wasted. And I don't appreciate it.

I feel like Ron is mind gaming me a little. And it's not cool.

Angelina: We're cool, right?
Sammi: I dunno, I've been hearing a lot of stuff.

It wasn't working out so we just both decided to be single.

I would legit beat the living $h!t out of Angelina and Ron at the same time if Ron and Angelina ever hooked up.

[to Ronnie] Gym, tan, smush, huh?

[to Ronnie] To us, past the Jersey Shore.

I feel like it is the perfect place to go to. Like, somewhere out of Seaside. We're getting away from it all.

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