We sacrifice the rights of a few for the safety of many all the time. You want to do the noble thing, I get it. But, now is not the time.



Unanswered Questions: Where is the little girl who was kidnapped?
How did Sean get off the ship when security was chasing him?
How did Sean know which plane his future father-in-law was piloting
How did Sean know about the plane going to crash into the President
Where there 2 boats involved when Sean went back after snorkeling?
Why was the mother the "only one who was killed?
Who were "ones who kidnapped the little girl and father?

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The Event Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes, The Event Quotes

The Event Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sean: Oh my god could they drink!
Leila: Yes.

Secret missions expert: Simon did you intercept it?
Simon Lee: I couldn't stop it - they're airborne.