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She has played me for a fool for the last time.


Thomas, he's been playing us all along.


Kill Simon and take the truck.


If you don't move those rods now, a meltdown will follow and we are going to lose everything.


She has backed me in a corner again with one way out - her way.


(about Thomas) We need to find him and kill him or this will never end.


She's not ready to know what we are.


We don't have the luxury to grieve, we have to find him (Thomas).


We own these homes and the land they sit on. But, this is nothing. Once we use the porthole to bring our people here, then we will own it all.


You have to stop Thomas but please believe me that we all don't want this. Run.


Thomas (to Blake) You took away their freedom, and I'm going to take it back.

(to Sean) You're a part of me and without you, I'm nothing.

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The Event Quotes

Sean: Oh my god could they drink!
Leila: Yes.

Secret missions expert: Simon did you intercept it?
Simon Lee: I couldn't stop it - they're airborne.