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We got to know Ivy's mom a bit better this week. She's very laid back and very into Ryan. Should be interesting to see where this goes, especially because he now knows that she's the mother of a student.

Elsewhere, Jasper actually jumped off the Hollywood sign - but it's only 45 feet tall. He broke both his legs and ended up in the hospital. Once there, Annie actually gave him a mature speech about how their relationship is based on lies, so there was never any love there. But nothing is stopping him from telling people about her hit-and-run. When she walks out of his hospital room, Annie allows herself to smile because it seems like she's finally nipped this in the bud.

Also smiling? Dixon. He and Ivy pretend to date in order to make their exes jealous, but it almost goes too well. It's clear he's already developing feelings for Ivy, as the pair walk around holding hands and even kissing. It doesn't seem like Ivy reciprocates, at least not yet. But Dixon has other problems to worry about: a growing gambling problem.

Meanwhile, Adrianna has a major case of stage fright before playing her first big concert. But it goes well and, as a result, she gets the confident up to kiss Gia on the lips... in front of the entire school! Guess they really are dating now. More good news for Ade, as a result of the gig: Ivy's mom wants to sign her to a recording contract. But - this is awkward - ONLY her.

Finally, we get to Naomi's lie about being sexually harassed. First, she lies to Liam about attending therapy. After that, Liam goes on the offensive and actually shoves the teacher in the hallway. This, of course, puts Liam on the edge of explusion by Harry... until Naomi makes her lie even worse and tells it to Harry. Uh-oh!

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i really hope someday adriana, navid get back together, that was very nice of teddy to get silver that book, i feel bad for naomi,liam, and naomi gets into more trouble after she told harry, that was good that ivy's mom told adriana about going into music, i wonder what adriana decides to do about the music with ivy's mom


this was a very good episode and the show seems to keep gettin better and better


What was the first song that Adrianna and band sang during tonights show?????


oow aye and he forced her to sleep wae um and he frettend her with the police thats not wat true love soposed to e lie u wae the mental oy yeah ryt i hate um a hope he dies cause he annoys me dirty bass


ooo naw i hate asper hes weird if i was annie i would have kiked the shit oot um for staling me and lacmailin me in the 1st place i would have laught and said hope u have a gr8 fall weirdo hate um never lie um in the first place there sumthing not ryt wae um he deserves to die his falt if he does eny hoo so a dnt get how annies nasty cause thats no nasty if a was annie he would have een scared of me


Perfect for each other??? are you mental, he tried to FORCE her to sleep with him -_- Adorable


I think Annie is so cruel to Jasper and I don't want Jasper die!I hope they could get back together like at the beggining of the season!The are perfect for each other!:)

90210 Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Silver: I got a haircut.
Teddy: Like a hair cut? A single hair?

You are noting like Jen, and if you were, I wouldn't be with you.


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Actionreaction Action/Reaction Choir of Young Believers iTunes
Dancehall Dancehall Sean Bones iTunes
Employee of the month Employee of the Month The Anomalies iTunes