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- Dixon contracts a spinal infection.

- Taylor tells Adrianna she has to tell the truth or they're over.

- Navid releases Liam's sex tape at Phenomi-con.

- Annie finds out Colin's true intentions.

- Riley reveals his feelings to Annie.

- Max has to choose between Alec and Naomi.

- Silver scorns Navid after he releases the tape.

Episode Number:

What did Max said to Naomi at the end of the episode?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the songs playing in the beginning of the episode, before the opening theme! Just downloaded them both!! JAY STOLAR "Like You Do" & SISTER SPARROW "Untie My Shoelaces"


Where is the voices on the show? You can hear everything but what they are saying

90210 Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Riley: I like you.
Annie: I don't know what to say.
Riley: How about I like you too, now take me back to your place and let's rotate those tires.

Any chance this is geek speak for everything's gonna be just fine?