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On the second part of Alcatraz...

Ernest Cobb wanted to get transferred to Alcatraz.

The Warden denies Cobb's request for private accommodations.

Cobb gets himself sent into solitary but the Warden decides to put another man in his cell.

Lucy arrives at Alcatraz, same age as present day, to work on Cobb

Cobb kills innocent people at a fair during present day. Muttering numbers.

Emerson interrogates Sylvane about the key that he stole and Ernest Cobb.

Cobb shoots Lucy. She is rushed to a hospital but is in a coma.

Rebecca learns that Cobb had a sister and that becomes his MO for killing: a girl around 16.

Rebecca and Emerson stop Cobb from killing again and Emerson puts him in his prison in the woods.

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Alcatraz Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

No more shooting.


Another killer back from the Rock. We've got two days to catch him.