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A new adversary for Arrow will premiere on the Season 3 opener.

Team Arrow is fighting Vincent Stilgrave. He has failed the city. The Arrow makes the news now. 

Oliver and Felicity are flirting. He's living in the Arrow Lair.

Diggle is building a bassinet. 

Laurel and Oliver make a great team. 

Lance uses his promotion to dismantle the task force on the vigilante.

Count Vertigo takes over the old business. Whoever he is nominates himself. 

Felicity is working at Chuck's old store. Selling computers and providing tech support.

We meet Oliver as he gets to know Amanda Waller.

Felicity waits on Ray Palmer. He's a geek just like she is. He says he knows someone who would want to hire her.

Layla experiences Braxton Hicks.

Felicity blows Oliver away when he sees her at dinner. She's taken pills, he's drinking. They're really nervous. He tells her about his time in Hong Kong.

He spent so much time seeing people as threats or targets. Felicity was the first person he saw as a person. He even remembers what color pen she was choosing.

Oliver says he might have been when he didn't think he could be with someone he really cared about, and then a missile explodes.

The new Vertigo is annoyed about Oliver's ability to live. Vertigo has been enhanced with his greatest fear. After being injected, he sees Vertigo as himself. Lance has a heart issue.

Laurel takes Lance to task. She reminds him that the doctors wanted to know if he had an advanced directive. His heart is in that bad of shape.

Felicity and Oliver turn up to put in a bid to buy Queen Consolidated back, but Ray Palmer shows up. He even parks his helicopter on the roof. They validate, right?

Palmer blows him out of the water -- even suggesting they re-brand -- "Star City" -- oh my.

Oliver won't allow Diggle to go into the field. An argument ensues.

Canary shows up as Oliver is fighting Vertigo. Arsenal is following Felicity's instructions to stop a bomb. It's a new Team Arrow.

The look on Roy's face when freezing the bomb works is priceless.

Vertigo is down, but he's not worried. He knows someone will always pick up the mantle because people have given it power.

Ray asks for help cleaning up porcupine farts off of all his stuff if he promises to apologize. Not if he did the same to steal her friend's company!

Felicity and Oliver visit Diggle and Layla.

Felicity doesn't want to talk to Oliver because if they do, it will be over.

Barry calls Oliver for advice.

Sara and Laurel talk. Sara isn't ready to see Lance. Laurel doesn't want her to choose the life for her. They hug.

Sara is greeted by someone unexpected, using a voice synthesizer. He shoots Sara. She dies in front of Laurel's eyes.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Oliver: I'm so sorry. I thought I could be me and The Arrow. But I can't. Not now. Maybe not ever.
Felicity: Then say never. Stop dangling maybes. Say it's never going to work out between us, say you're never going to love me... say...

Diggle: You love her. You even told her so.
Oliver: I was trying to fool Slade.
Diggle: Yes. Except now the only person you're fooling is yourself.