As the World Turns

Fridays 12:00 AM
As the world turns
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December 5, 2007 Photo
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... As the World Turns ...

... Lily’s romantic time with Dusty is strained by Dusty’s anger at Emily. Lily urges Dusty to face his feelings for Emily and get over them. Lily’s thrown when Dusty hesitates to make plans with her. Bob insists Dusty wrangle Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley) after reading the article...

... Bob tells Kim that if Chris pushes him, Bob will push back. Evan hopes Emily’s article will sway Bob. As Bob tries to keep his cool with Chris, Kim has words with Emily. Chris gives Bob an ultimatum - he wants Evan’s project approved before Christmas. Emily cautions Chris not to go behind Bob’s back...

... Katie disapproves as Brad spills their plan to Vienna and Henry. Brad’s taken aback when he has to produce his sperm specimen alone. After Henry tips off Jack, Katie orders Jack to leave her alone. When Jack points out Brad could lose Katie and the baby in the long run, Brad has second thoughts. Brad returns the empty specimen cup to Katie with apologies...

... Katie calls Brad and asks him to come over – she wants to make a baby the old-fashioned way!

... Until As the World Turns returns again ....

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