As the World Turns

Fridays 12:00 AM
As the world turns
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September 4, 2007 Picture
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... As the World Turns ...

... Jack comes upon Carly and Katie after Carly accidentally knocks Katie’s engagement present to the ground. Carly leaves with Brad, and Katie tells Jack she can’t stop Carly, only he can....

... Jack shows up at Milltown, and confronts Carly about her behavior. Jack tells Carly off, declaring that he won’t let her hurt Katie again... Katie tells Brad she can see her whole future with Jack, as Jack leaves Carly and she realizes she has lost him....

... Lily has bailed Dusty out, and he says he knows where they should start looking to find out who killed Cheri. When Dusty tries to get information from the girls who worked for Cheri, they refuse to talk to him. Lily gets the idea to go undercover and finds out there was a dangerous man in Cheri’s life....

... When Maddie presses, Luke (Van Hansis) admits that the tension between Noah and him is about her. Luke tries to cover for Noah, but Maddie says she doesn’t think they’ve told her the whole story. Col. Mayer catches Noah and Maddie kissing, as Holden and Luke have a heart to heart about Lily and Noah. Colonel Mayer approves of Noah with Maddie, and Holden finds out Lily didn’t go home.

... until the World Turns again ...

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