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Cat investigates the murder of a ballerina on Beauty and the Beast this week.

Vincent shares a photograph from his past with Catherine.

Catherine takes the picture and runs it through facial recognition, turning Vincent beastly.

Catherine's sister Heather moves in with her.

Vincent and Catherine admit they don't want to be apart from each other.


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"Proceed With Caution" was a great episode that is a great example of this show's ability to blend a bunch of elements - you've got equal parts detective show, twisted romance, conspiracy theories and action. I thought they did a better job with realistic dialogue on all the episodes after the pilot, starting with this, and I loved some of the action - i.e. the scene where Cat and Tess chase Julio (a scene made more dramatic by a great choice of song, "Unstoppable" by Minutes Til Midnight" Anyway hope this show continues on its upward trajectory

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Catherine: I don't know. Maybe it was a love story gone wrong?
Evan: Those never seem to work out, do they?

Do you just use big words to make me feel dumb?


Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 2 Music

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Magic wands kaleidoscope hearts Kaleidoscope Hearts Magic Wands iTunes
Cat power silent machine Silent Machine Cat Power iTunes
Minutes til midnight unstoppable Unstoppable Minutes Til Midnight iTunes