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Nikki refuses to tell Bill and Barb about Cara Lynn dating her teacher, but Margene tells her that she has to.

Bill is at the police station and Alby is a missing person of interest.

Cara Lynn tells Greg that they will not have to worry about Nikki because she won’t say anything.  Later, Nikki meets with a school that will take Cara Lynn in.

Margene tells Pam that she quit Goji and she breaks down because she’s separating from Carl.

Bill goes against better wishes and publicly tears down the walls that separate Juniper Creek from the outside world.

Ronda tells Ben that he should marry her, but he refuses.  Later, Heather stops by and Ben tells her what happened with Ronda.  Heather is furious and leave.

Barb tells Bill that she will most likely join another church so that she can also be a priesthood holder.

Adeline goes to visit Alby and Selma enters the room. Alby tells his mother that they will go to Mexico after she kills Bill.

The next morning, Nikki gets the school to come pick up Cara Lynn. She is able to get away and runs into the other house where the rest of the family is. Nikki finally opens up about the situation and Bill is furious because she compares him to a pedophile.

Nikki tells Cara Lynn that Greg was relieved to be rid of her all because she doesn’t want her daughter to be with him.

Barb and Bill stop at a local gas station and run into Alby and Adeline. Bill runs after Alby while Barb corners Adeline.  Bill hears a shot and runs back into the station to make sure Barb is okay while Alby gets away.

Alby comes looking for Bill and kills the security guard. There is a show down and Bill shoots Alby in the arm. 

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Hmmm....the Bill/Alby showdown was anticlimatic. There needed to be some sort of exchange of words and I think Alby should have gotten away. So the conflict is going to be settled in a court room? In the Utah State Senate?
Nicky vs. Cara Lynn....wtf? Teenage girl having a meltdown and they all run in the house after Nicky? So they just left Cara Lynn outside crying?
This is all leading up to an anti-climatic ending. Barb is clearly staying with Bill. I know this is difficult for the producers and actors to understand (saw interview with Bill Paxton in which he said "Our viewers are rooting for the Henricksons") but I think most of us were rooting for at least one wife to leave him. Barb became the clear front runner but she seems to have no intention of leaving him at this point.
Lois and Frank seem to have taken a listless turn.
At this point the direction this seems to be taking is this:
1. Lois and Frank die along with everyone else at the compound in a mass suicide. Well, maybe Frank doesn't die...he's a modern day Rasputin.
2. Bill goes to the clink.
3. Nicky seeks the professional help she needs and mends her relationship with Cara Lynn.
4. Barb helps oversee the divying up of Bill's assets. Maybe she even takes over day-to-day operations at Home Plus and split the profit with the former sister-wives. She builds up support by renouncing Bill and publicly condemning the lifestyle which allows Home Plus to recommence normal business.
5. Margie...I don't know. I could see her becoming a talk show host or taking the kids to a third world country on charity work. She's a tough one to figure.
6. Ben clearly comes out a trainwreck. He marries Rhonda and has four kids (two of which are not his...though he suspects it he's too stupid to act out). Rhonda earns a nice incoming stripping and he flounders in the Navy (was it?)
7. Sarah comes back, rolls her eyes and then returns to Portland.
8. Alby evades the law and joins the Green Compound. Polygamists start the slow migration out of the US and into Mexico. We keep hearing this will all get tied...but how? They could devote an hour long show to each wife, two hours to Alby, one hour to the adult children and three hours to Bill. What won't be resolved:
1. Evidently the casino, which has been mentioned in passing only twice this season, after being such a central part of the plans, is barely mentioned now. Did they lose their share or not? Did they take legal action, as was alluded to, or not?
2. Don. Is he happy being in a monogamous relationship? Does he "get" any wives back? Did he sell his share of Home Plus?
3. Joey and Wanda. Bill hasn't heard from Joey once this season and Wanda appeared briefly. So Bill has foresaken them? Is Joey living with the Greens plotting to kill Bill (maybe that's the shocker?). That situation isn't getting tied up.
4. Teenie. How does a man who won't let a single one of his family members out from under his thumb just let his teenage daughter move in with his barely adult daughter in another state and not even mention her?
5. Cara Lynn and her teacher. So that's how that's resolved? Bill called the cops and that's it? Frankly, while the young actress has a done nice job, I think hers is a storyline that did not need to introduced.
6. Ben's love life. Does he end up with either of the two girls? Does Heather run for the hills realizing that she threw away a relationship to take a shot with a bumpkin? Did the thought ever cross her mind to ask him if he believed in polygamy before getting involved with him?
7. Roman Grant's murder. What else is there to say. Unless the creators plan on the barely-over-one-hour finale devoting two minutes to all 35 plots they have open then it can't possibly wrap everything up in a neat manner. Having Sarah, Joey, Wanda and Teenie show up Bill is being led to prison will not constiture "wrapping up" their respective story lines. What about the Greens? Was having Selma drop by the safe house for a three second cameo supposed to tell us something?

Big Love Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Trust me. My mom's too embarrassed to say anything.

Cara Lynn

Bill: There are some real cops in front of the house.
Nikki: The same cops that let Alby go. Who are investing you and Margene are now protecting us? I feel so much better.