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Let's go over the premiere of Blue Blood, shall we?

- The Reagans are a family with a long professional history in the NYPD.

- Police Commissioner Frank Reagan’s family includes sons Danny, a veteran detective, Jamie, a newly graduated Police recruit, and daughter Erin, an assistant district attorney.

- Danny is plunged into the case of a kidnapped child.  She is a diabetic and has 24 hours until she must have her insulin.

- Danny and his partner’s investigation leads them to the perpetrator.  When he refuses to tell them the location of the girl, Danny attempts to drown him in a toilet to get him to talk.  It works.  The girl is found but the case is in jeopardy due to Danny’s tactics.

- With the help of his father’s advice and further inquiry, Danny proves that the man also killed a girl in Florida and will now face charges there.

- Jamie Reagan is approached about joining an investigation concerning a secret police society know as the Blue Templar.  The investigation may involve his grandfather Henry’s history in the NYPD and the death of Jamie’s older brother who was killed on the job.

Episode Number:

What is the name of frank reagan's dead wife on blue bloods?


Who is the actress who plays Selleck's grand-daughter?


Who sings the cover of "New York, New York" played at the end of the pilot episode of "Blue Bloods"?


To Roseann Szeglowski Pairo His name is Nicholas Turturro. He formerly played a detective James Martinez on NYPD Blue.


Who plays Jamie Regan's training officer? What show was he on?


Loved it when the grandfather said that kidnappers would throw back his granddaughter when they were at the family dinner. Reminds me of my family. The whole cast was good.


Not bad, not bad. The family storyline definitely makes it interesting, but the case itself was not exactly pilot material. Will be checking out the next episode.


I loved this pilot. I love Tom Selleck. I love his mustache. While I would not necessarily welcome anything that brought him back to the small screen, I'm glad he found this show and that the new show runner is focused more on the family than on the cop aspects of the show. Plus, what a great cast. Wahlberg and Moynahan are terrific. I wonder who will play Selleck's romantic interest?


i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!