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-Jackie takes a leave of absence and Danny works with Det. Kate Lansing when a man dressed as a priest for Halloween is attacked by someone dressed as the Haitian Spirit of Death.

-Danny tracks down a real priest who was working with Tusain, the attacker. The priest performs exorcisms but says it didn't work.

-Danny and Kate find Tusain in the middle of a voodoo ritual which claims to release his demons. Afterwards, they arrest him.

-Garrett tries to resign when a woman he had an affair with wants $50,000 or she'll accuse him of sexual assault. 

-Frank asks Henry to use his old school connections to get the woman to drop the matter.  It works.

-Jamie and Vinny have multiple calls about a disoriented, older man who keeps showing up to his former doctor's office. Jamie finds out the man's name is Malcolm. He's a former professional hockey player who has Alzheimer's and is missing from his assistant care facility.

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Will someone p;ease tell me who played "Malcolm" in this episode and what other movies or T.V. shows that actor played in? It's making me more insane than I already am!

@ joe mccarty

you probably figured this out by now but it was Ken Howard. He starred in a tv series called White Shadow.


Will miss Jackie. They worked very well with Danny. Get well Esposito

Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Lansing: I'm Detective Lansing. I just moved over from Internal Affairs.
Danny: Congratulations on getting sprung.

Halloween is when the evil come home to play.