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-Henry is mugged at an ATM. His attacker robs him, hits him with a gun and takes off.

-Later, Jamie ditches his partner to chase down the suspect. He fails to make radio contact as he chases the man to a rooftop where he jumps off and is dangling on the other side.  Jamie jumps over and hesitates but eventually pulls him up.  He gets a three day suspension for no following procedure.

-Danny and Kate investigate the murder of an ex-con who appears to have gone straight running a used car business.  It turns out he and his partner were running guns, hiding them in the cars and he was killed by his partner.

-During a chase, the partner gets the drop on Danny but Kate shoots the man first.

-Frank gets a tip from a mob attorney that leads to several arrests. 

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Can we see more of Danny spending time with his wife and boys. This is the best show ever!


Awesome show! Keep up.

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Of course I'm OK. I'm sitting her aren't I?


Kate: Is there any aspect of public service you Reagans are not involved in?
Danny: Politics. Too many crooks in that.

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