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-17 year old Rebecca Banks dies from what appears to the a meth overdose but her behavior and the cross shaped bruises on her body make some believe she was possessed by the devil.


-Rebecca's father, Caleb is the grandson of Atticus Eldridge who killed all three of his daughters by smashing them in the face with a sledgehammer because he believed they were possessed by the devil.


-Caleb's second daughter, Chelsea exhibits signs of possession. She stabs herself and when Megan tries to help she tells her, "A quarter for your jacket, Pumpkin. Don't forget." She shares with Tommy that it was something her father told her when she was eight years old. He would follow it up with, "Now go learn something."


-Megan and Kate realize that Rebecca died of an overdose of liquid PCP and the she and Chelsea were being poisoned with it. 


-The third sister, Hannah poisoned her sisters because she hoped Daddy would think they were sinners and drug addicts and turn his back on them but Daddy believed they were possessed and they got even more attention. 


-When Chelsea wakes up Megan asks her why she said those things to her. Chelsea says she doesn't remember saying it. As Megan is leaving the room, Chelsea tells her, "Now go learn something."

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What about the shadow that rushed across the screen behind Curtis whilst he was in the sister's house, was that Ethan or what??


I just wanna know how the hell did Chelsea know exactly what Megan's father told her, & repeated it exactly the same?!?!


Hate the ending,goose bumps just reading it after watching it...


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That was the creepiest ending ever, wow!


Does any one know the song and who sings it .I tag it too and it just said body of proof


What was the name of the song and who sings that song at the end . lost souls 3 episodes


@Blondie - the song is Your God by Rossi


What is the name of the song at the end of this episode? I tried tagging it but I don't think the show up on the list at all... Please if someone could tell me what the song is... :(


What is the name of the song at the end of this episode? I tried tagging it but I don't think the show up on the list at all... Please if someone could tell me what the song is.. :(

Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

My Nana always told me not to make fun of the spirits. It's bad karma.


DNA did come back negative for demon blood. We're still waiting on the werewolf hairs. We'll keep you in the loop.