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-Nicholas Russo, son of mobster Daniel Russo is shot and killed in an alley. Tommy has a history with Russo from his time on the NYPD. Russo alludes to Tommy's "questionable moral character" as the reason he left New York. Tommy tells Adam he lost his temper and hurt people.


-Tommy finds out that Adam's father is Martin Davis, Russo's defense attorney. Adam tells Tommy it's something he tries to keep quiet but he suspects his father is tipping off Russo when a suspect is gunned down.


-It turns out Avery, the gym owner is the one leaking information to Russo. Avery working with Nicholas to take over his father's drug business. When Daniel confronted his son, he shot and killed him.  Russo is arrested and then killed in prison.


-Tommy asks Megan to dinner and although she says yes, things quickly go wrong and she walks out. Tommy tries to apologize and admits he wants a second chance with her.


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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Tommy: You might not want to tempt fate although you obviously want to tempt me.
Megan: In your dreams, Sullivan.

Tommy: You might want to dress down when we go into a bad area.
Megan: Like I'm going to take fashion advice from somebody who owned a Member's Only tuxedo