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Greenatopia gets the green light on this episode of Brothers & Sisters.

During the hour, Sarah's business partner breaks some startling personal news, however; also, Nora rekindles a romance with a former flame.

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I'm looking for the quote from Rebecca at the end of the episode "It's not Easy Being Green"
She says to Justin something along the lines of "the moment is never as great if your not there"
Please help me

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Sarah: She's 10 years old. She should be playing with dolls or wanting a pony. Not wanting to be some fallen teen pop star.
Rebecca: My mom used to let me dress as Madonna and she didn't care. I raided her closet.
Sarah: You think I'm going to take parenting tips from your mama?

Ever since I got here, I've been coddled like some half-wit or straight-out insulted ... I'm a crack shot, but clearly that's not enough to impress you. It's not enough that I wear button-downs ... and eat red meat ... and smoke the occasional cigar. You can't see past your own bias to see I ... Kicked ... Your ... Ass!