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The season opener picks up a year after the traffic accident of last season’s finale.

Robert is in a coma, Holly is alive but having severe memory problems, and the rest of the Walkers have lost their Walker-ness.

Justin has gone off to war, and the decision has cost him Rebecca. The accident appears to have done the impossible, and broken the family that could not be broken.

Sarah is still having a torrid affair with Luc, who has become an underwear model in response to the poor economy. The two are considering moving to France, following the sale of Narrow Lake for a whopping $55 million.

Scotty and Saul’s new restaurant, Cafe 429, is open but no one has gone. It turns out that in the passing year, Scotty and Kevin lost two babies to miscarriages.

Kevin has become a pro bono lawyer representing the less fortunate and in true Kevin fashion has shut out his husband and isn’t dealing with his feelings.

By the end of the episode, one of Kevin’s young clients, Mateo, stays in their apartment for the night after finding him avoiding his drunken father.

Kitty is having difficulty letting go, and can’t bring herself to pull the plug on Robert despite Justin saying he’s in a “permanent, vegetative state.”

Kitty considers becoming the head of the RNC, because the Republicans need someone with “intelligence, clear-headed thinking and compassion.” 

Justin forces her to see reason about her husband, and she says good-bye to Robert and moves on with her life.

Justin returns from war and is catalyst that snaps his family out of their tragedy-induced state when he begs them to all start yelling at each other.

One who will not be joining them? Rebecca has moved out of their apartment, claiming that she couldn’t deal with his going off to war again.

Nora is working at a florist, complete with a boss who clearly isn’t a fan. She complains to Saul (still HIV+) that she lost her voice after the accident. 

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I was happy with the Homecomming episode. I like many others ,glad to see Jason has mature. looks great with little more muscle. He could be the voice of reason for this family. Tommy could not handle it(to much like his father), and Sarah was not strong enough. To me Jason has more the strength and foritude of his mother . and with Nora's help he can evolve to be a family leader. Really kinda glad Robert is gone, he never reached me in his role, Tommy was always the weakest link, and thought they gave Holly to much control. Her relationship with Nora was so -so and if they keep it or let it go matters not to me
I would truly like to see a strong self made man ( could be a some times here and sometimes gone active Military Officer friend or acquaintance of Justin's) come in as a friendly if not a little romance for Nora, she may have a little age on her but she is not dead. Being a commanding officers is sometimes like being the head of a family, especially if he is credited with the change in Justin
Nora has enough strength and self worth to handle a personal friendship without losing her "Head of the Family" Status. With Sally Field's playing Nora has to be good


I didn't like how they handled Robert's death, not realistic, she can't shut off life support for a year and then when she does she is laughing and having a family dinner! Not realistic at all. On this note they should have at least shown the funeral and then had time lapse to when they had this GREAT DINNER! Also no mention of Sara's kids and what would happen if they went to France. This is an awesome show and a tragic death to a close family member does change each person but to have her so sorrowful one day and then fine the next, not realistic.


As much as I love this show, I was very disappointed in this entire episode. First off, I felt there was such lack of respect for Robert's character... (I agree with Christina, Rob Lowe deserved a much better send off!!) no photos in background, no face shown in the hospital scene, no telling us that he was actually deceased until after funeral. After losing my own husband to cancer, I did sympathize with Kitty when she was talking to Nora about not wanting to say goodbye to Robert because she would then be lost once he is gone, therefore, holding on to anything at that point meant he is still with you regardless of his condition, plus the fact that you really do struggle to find a way to say a final goodbye. With that being said, I was also amazed that Nora just simply did not mention to Justin that his wife moved away!!! Like it was some minor detail. BTW... Justin plays a great part all the time. The others just did not seem to be very believable in this episode. Luc is a great dancer in real life, but his acting is lame... and did Sarah have some "work done"? She looked great, but her character was not believable. I could go on and on. But overall i will totally miss Robert. I think the family needed to discuss the accident and fill the viewers in on how they actually coped over the months from the accident to a year later, rather than ignoring it and letting the viewers jump from scene to scene not sure what the heck was going on. Hope the story line improves and it returns to being such a great show.


I thought the show was realistic.I LOVE the fact that Justin came back looking all grown up....he had gained weight and muscle...looked healthy. His character seems to have started really growing up and being able to just "roll with it".Most families would be seriously devastated after an accident /tragedy of those proportions. The episode was meant to be eerie and all about loss..healing and life progressing within a family:) LOVE the show! I thought the plight of Holly's character was "over kill" though.


I too thought it was a bit ridiculous and I felt like I missed a few episodes, but I haven't. WHAT GIVES? Similar thing happened with Glee. It was a bit over board for their premiere. I love this show and hope it gets back to where it was...


I would have liked to have seen a funeral for Robert. I absolutely loved his character and am going to miss him. I think people needed to mourn the loss of his character and have some sort of closure . . . and Rob Lowe deserved a better send-off.


Yes, it flash forwarded a whole year that was the point. That a tragedy like the accident can send any family, even one as strong as the Walker's, into a tale spin. Any family who has experienced this knows it is true. Each member of the Walker's had to deal with things in their own way. I think that is very realistic! I liked that they had Justin go back to war and return a hero. I was sick of his story line from last season. Coming home a hero with your head clear and priorities in check makes sense. Also Kitty clinging to the man she loves who is in a coma. Well, how easy do you think that decision would be? Again, realistic. People live with it everyday. Sarah with Luc together makes her more interesting. Instead of being just a workaholic, you get to see another side of her. I like where that is going. And Nora well, she is the rock of the family. Even though, she has stepped back and let her children live their own lives (isn't that what they all said they wanted), she is still the same character just toned down. Example: picking up Justin after a year away, having a family dinner together, making lasagna for Holly. All typical Nora activities just a little less overbearing. Again, I think it speaks to how the devastation of the accident has affected everyone. I have no doubt Nora will be back to her old self soon. Can't wait for next week.