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The Walkers’ plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day go horribly wrong when Tommy tells Sarah about another secret that Nora has kept buried since they were kids.

Saul’s hopes for a romantic evening with Jonathan are dashed by a visiting high profile food critic.

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Yes- they are going there again, down the family DNA route. Despite this, the idea of Brody is mounting, and I am really curious how this is going to pan out for Nora. I predict the writing of Sarah's doubts are a red herring, and it will turnout irrelevant (at least I hope, I can't go through another!) The story with Saul and Johnathan was well done. It was really nice to see Saul as a centric character and as usual he shone in his role- and do we finally see Saul find romantic happiness?! For the time being, it seems, at least. The ending certainly leaves you wanting more... Best Moments:
Seeing Saul becoming flustered
Nora telling Sarah 'come back and apologise, 'cos I'll deserve it
Kevin telling Scotty 'Forgive him' and him replying 'People have forgiven me' Hint hint...


how come i can't watch full episode anymore.