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As Sarah and Luc's nuptials approach, plans go horribly awry and the Walkers learn several surprising lessons about the real meaning of family.

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I'm in Australia, so i havent caught the episode yet, but the person that just wrote and commented on this episode should find something else to do with their time. you have NO IDEA! as the posts before explain it perfectly about the episode, i havent watched it and i know what they are talking about! because i WATCH the show!! i know about the characters!


Best Episode ever... if it indeed becomes the last episode ever - they went out on a bloody good high. And just in reply to whoever you are that came on here to completely insult this show. 1. you constantly said you don't watch the show.. so why are you commenting on it? 2. Really? You actually think modern Family and Brothers and Sisters can be COMPARED? Modern Family is a Comedy.. Brothers and Sisters is a drama. I mean.. sheeeesh!! 3. If you watched the show things would have made sense. The bride was having her second wedding and wanted to be natural. Not all brides want a hun of make up. The 'young black kid' and you so lovely put it is actually an adopted child of the character Calista plays and has been in the show for a while now. And the dad was not even coming to the wedding and was only a VERY last minute arrival hence the clothing. Maybe you should watch the other episodes 4. This show has been on for many seasons. I'm sure if you watched a lot of other shows you would need SOME background into what is going on. It's the whole point. 5. The dad was walking his daughter down the aisle. I'm sure a LOT of dads can.. what was it? RELATE. So in conclusion.... You don't know the show... You don't know the characters.. you dont know the storylines. Why the heck would we care about your opinion?.. *rant over*


Ya know, your comments would actually hold credibility if you FOLLOWED ANY OF THE SHOW. The black kid, the dad not being dressed up... hell, even the lack of make-up would be explained (SHE'S BEEN DOWN THE AISLE BEFORE AND PROBABLY DID HERSELF UP THE FIRST TIME) are all things that are completely in line with the show. My girlfriend has watched it from the beginning, and even though I've caught it more times this season than I would like, all your complaints are without merit. You never watched the show, you didn't *want* to *like* it, so you don't. And you're an idiot for even trying to compare Modern Family with Brothers & Sisters. They might both share the "different type of family" premise, but that is the only thing they share in common. Coming from a family that's even bigger than the one on Brothers & Sisters (and sometimes, it seems we have more drama!) I can say that there are some very realistic things this show portrays that I have not seen done anywhere else, and I hope they continue to do so.


I thought I wanted to be a script editor, then for the first time, I saw that show last night. Where was the make up person, now I want to do make up.
The bride needed so much more make up, I kept thinking, wheres the major red lipstick, wheres the eye make ukp, wheres the hair extensions, all I could think of is, your kidding right, then never knowing a thing about this show, I see CF holding a young black kid, is was sooooooooooo contrived, like you are wanting a black audience to accept this show, the kid had no lines, but it looked to phony........ then the dad dresses up like he just got off the tractor, and this is a wedding, everyone else seems to know how to dress for a wedding except the fat dad.........then a sister the bride doesnt know about,,,,,,,the sister was prettier then the bride, you should have married the sister that no one knew about, then at least shed qualify for Bridal Magazine then I realllllllllllly liked your music. It must of cost a fortune doing Elton John songs, but unless you have a script for the black kid, make up on the bride that makes her qualify for Access Hollywood, who cares about the music.... Watching it for the first time, made me realize that I wont have to watch anymore shows. The only one worthy of watching is of course is Sally Field, she is a timeless beauty.......SOAPDISH, is on my top 10 best movies EVER...... Really, at least the dad should have dressed better, but since I have no idea what his backround is, all I can say is....writers you need some work on this show........dont make a dad dress like he got off a tractor at his daughters wedding, this is pretend, tv is pretend, so make the dad lose weight and go shopping at Nordstrom for some decent cloths. Why waste money making this wedding go on and have the dad look like crap, especially on mothers day, no dad can relate to that, except a dad that is homeless and has no tv except when he walks into Walmart and watches all 50 of them while eating cheetos that he picked up on aisle 10. And why Elton John music, doesnt American song writers and singers qualify for this, They could use the income, not Elton. sorry, this was a huge loss for me, Modern Family has shows, you dont need to know the backround of anyone, you can watch for the first time, and just GET IT............ Id rate this show.............zero.................