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Sonya sets up a meeting for Michael with the head of the organization that she works for. Michael is subsequently drugged, tortured, and interrogated to assure he is not hiding anything from them. 

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Please change your mind about this being the final season for Burn Notice. Every episode gets more and more intense. I just can't get over it being cancelled. They are a USA icon! One of the best shows ever. I've just been sick over it! The USA network is the only channel I ever watch, unless L&OSVU is on. That show is so depressing and dark.
Please find a way to keep this show.

Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Fiona: Dammit, red light.
Sam: What, is that a problem?
Fiona: No, more of a warning.

Michael: Fi, I've asked you so much of already. I couldn't ask you to be part of this operation without knowing everything.
Fiona: Are you worried about the operation? Or are you asking whether it's ok for you to sleep with the enemy? I mean she's still the enemy right?