World famous mystery writer Richard Castle finds unexpected inspiration when Detective Kate Beckett questions him about a series of murders that based on his books.

A Beckett Smile
Watch Castle Season 3 Episode 2
"He's Dead, She's Dead"
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Our favorite duo investigates the murderer of a well-known psychic this week, while also debating whether extrasensory abilities are valid or not. A written letter also plays a key role.

Season 3 Premiere Scene
Watch Castle Season 3 Episode 1
"A Deadly Affair"
Original Air Date:

Castle as a murder suspect?!? That's how season three kicks off, as Beckett starts the episode having not seen her partner in awhile, only to later arrest the author.

Monet Mazur on Castle
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 24
"A Deadly Game"
Original Air Date:

Monet Mazur returns to Castle for this week's season finale. During the hour, Castle and Beckett investigate what appears to be the assassination of an intelligence operative

A Tender Moment
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 23
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Beckett asks for Demming's help on a case this week, which means Castle can watch their romance first hand. As you might expect, the investigation therefore becomes a competition for Kate's attention.

Demming and Beckett
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 22
"Food to Die For"
Original Air Date:

A dynamic restaurateur finds herself mixed up in the murder investigation this week. The episode is titled "Food to Die For."

Michael Trucco on Castle
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 21
"Den of Thieves"
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Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a thief this week. Aptly, the episode is titled "Den of Thieves."

Tom Bergeron on Castle
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 19
"The Late Shaft"
Original Air Date:

This is a fun episode of Castle. It mocks the late-night wars and features a number of guest stars.

Wrapped Up in Death Scene
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 18
"Wrapped Up in Death"
Original Air Date:

On this episode, Beckett and Castle look into the death of a museum curator. It's titled "Wrapped Up in Death."

Scene from Castle
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 17
Original Air Date:

This is the second part of an episode that kicked off last week. It's titled "Boom."

Dana Delany on Castle
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 16
"Tick, Tick, Tick."
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Dana Delany guest stars on this episode of Castle. She plays a federal investigator.

Mystery writer Richard Castle is mired in a case of writer's block after killing off the main character of his books. But he finds himself unexpectedly inspired by solving real life crimes with Detective Kate Beckett and even more affected by the detective herself whom he decides to base his new series of novels.

Castle Quotes

Castle: How do you know when you're in love?
Beckett: All the songs make sense.

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.