Chicago Fire

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Chicago fire
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A Major Explosion
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 20
"A Dark Day"
Original Air Date:

An explosion takes place when Casey and Dawson volunteer at a charity run on Chicago Fire.

The Staff Deals With Tragedy
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 19
"A Heavy Weight"
Original Air Date:

Severide investigates Bloom's past while the firehouse deals with a tragedy of Chicago Fire.

Severide Reaches Out
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 18
"Until Your Feet Leave the Ground"
Original Air Date:

Dawson and Shay have a girls' weekend away while Jones realizes that her father is putting pressure on Boden about her career on Chicago Fire.

A Heroic Act.
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 17
"When Things Got Rough"
Original Air Date:

Severide is reminded of his own past while helping an accident victim while Casey and Boden decide how to dock Jones on Chicago Fire.

Severide's a Suspect
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 16
"A Rocket Blasting Off"
Original Air Date:

Severide ends up at the top of the suspect list for Keeler's disappearance on Chicago Fire.

A Highrise Fire
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 15
"Keep Your Mouth Shut"
Original Air Date:

Severide struggles to believe justice will prevail when Vince Keeler goes free while the firefighters must free a girl trapped inside a donation bin on Chicago Fire.

Feeling Left Out
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 14
"Virgin Skin"
Original Air Date:

With his sister missing, Severide feels left out of the search while Casey gets new information about his head injury on Chicago Fire.

Black Out
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 13
"Tonight's the Night"
Original Air Date:

When a power outage leaves the neighborhood in the dark on a cold night, Firehouse 51 steps in to help on Chicago Fire.

Out with a Bang Scene
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 12
"Out With a Bang"
Original Air Date:

Casey tries to convince Dawson and Severide he's doing better.

Chicago Fire Returns
Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 11
"Shoved in my Face"
Original Air Date:

Chicago Fire returns from its winter hiatus on January 7th.

You want to watch Chicago Fire online. We know this because here you are, on the watch Chicago Fire online page. So what brings you? Is it the many tweets you see each week talking about how fanastic an episode was and you're wondering where you've been? Is it the hottie mc hottersons that make up the cast (some are not good looking, granted, but they're all beautiful on the inside!) or perhaps you watch Chicago P.D. and realized, HEY I don't know what they're talking about. I wonder if I looked into this Chicago Fire show if I'd get a better understanding of the characters here on the other show. You're right. Watching both is best. But if you want to start at the beginning, starting with Chicago Fire Season 1 is the place to go. So what are you waiting for? Learn all about first responders in the Chicago Metro area when you watch Chicago Fire online. You're still here? Still not convinced? Look up Taylor Kinney online. His photo will drag you back to click play. You're into women? Lauren German, Monica Raymund. You're very welcome.

Chicago Fire Quotes

I guess what I’m trying to say is, dark skies don’t always mean rain.


Hey! One hand on the beam, Cal, and I don't care if you're carrying a cow! Men die when they relax!

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