Every week Chicago Fire quotes are an essential part of the viewing of Chicago Fire. They say some amazing things. Funny things. Heartbreaking things. Read on.

Under his command, 17 was one of the worst in the city, that's how they shut it down.


You think I cant look after my daughter?


I'm not a plumber by trade.


You know you're in trouble when Kelly Severide thinks you're in trouble.


Cruz: That was incredible.
Brett: I think I am finally with you on the cold.

Hey, I'd like to go to the hospital with her. Make sure she's in good hands.


Mills: Brett, where are you?
Brett: I'm here.

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A lot's changed at 51 since losing Shay. We've welcomed in some new friends. Got a new rig and a dream of mine came true, but here's what hasn't changed, this house. This family. It's all as strong as it ever was. Even stronger because I think deep down in the quiet moments we think to our self Shay would want us to be better. She'd want us to represent her everytime we go out. You had an amazing sister Megan and I am so lucky to have been her friend.


Severide: What's your name.
Adrian: You already know that.

Megan: Which one killed Lesley?
Severide: That one.
Megan: You better find that son of a bitch and make him pay.

Damn baby, don't scare me like that.


Severide: Well, get on with it.
Hadley: You never did have any patience.
Severide: You're out of your mind.

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Chicago Fire Quotes

Hey! One hand on the beam, Cal, and I don't care if you're carrying a cow! Men die when they relax!


Wow, this is bad bad bad.