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The episode opened with a man driving on a winding road behind a semi-truck. The man tried to go around the truck and went off the road. The man ended up dying from the injuries he sustained but the cops found two bodies of young adults in the trunk.

At the office Hotchner explained to the team that they each would be asked soon if they wanted to stay. Afterwards the team got on the case as the two bodies were of missing college students. Hotchner got a visit from Andi Swan who is the head of the human trafficking division and she believed the case overlapped with some a trafficking ring she has been chasing for 3 years.

Swan explained that she had dozens of undercover officers out there and that she could check in with them. Before she can she got a call that one agent named Renee had missed her last two call-ins. Hotchner and Swan went to Renee' place and figured out she must have been taken when she went to run in a marathon.

Using the details they had of the low-tech way they took their victims Rossi and Morgan figured out there were in the area, Garcia put in the final piece together and the team believes they found where Renee and the others are being held.

Renee was discovered to be a cop by the ring leader who was posing as her friend Lucy.  Lucy decides to torture Renee for the audience at hand and before she can get to far Hotchner, the team and a lot of FBI agents storm the place.

Lucy tried to get away as a victim but Rossi was seeing through it and as she tried to shoot him Morgan shot her first. Back at the office Rossi walked into his office and found JJ sitting there, and she told him she is coming back.

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bajada!. me gusto el trailer, aamdes obviamente de Steve Carell que ya hace algunos af1os viene pisando fuerte. y Tina Fey que hasta ahora me convencio mas su papel en la serie en que ella escribe los guiones y actua.


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Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Morgan: When was the last time it rained out here?
Rossi: Do I look like a weather man?

Garcia: I went to your online trafficking seminar last fall. You terrify me.
Swan: Sorry, I do remember you.
Garcia: Uh-uh, really?
Swan: Really, you asked great questions. I thought you nicked my powerpoint.
Garcia: I didn't but I could.
Swan: So I heard.