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Garcia fights with her boyfriend this week, while the team heads to Atlantic City.

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This show has lost it's touch, used to be I couldn't miss an episode and would watch all the re-runs from season 1 thru 5. Now we have Garcia waking up not remembering what happened the night before thinking she slept with Derek....I mean for real...and of course we had to see a wet Derek Morgan...don't get me wrong he looked good....but this is criminal minds we are talking about not frigging NCIS...and I'm sorry but the case of the week was just lame...I could have written the ending myself....who did not know that he was going to end up killing himeself....and next week we get to see Hotch with his lady love...sigh... I think I'm going to have to part ways with my onc time favorite show.


So is this epidsode out tonight, at nine???


Where can I purchase photos of Paget Brewster? Thanks.


And then Garcia ends up in the dreams of Morgan...*sigh*.. hey, I can dream, can't I? ;)