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The first season ends with the mystery of Flora’s death at the forefront. There’s an unexpected murder, the truth about who killed Flora is revealed, and a shocking ending.

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Nice twist to the finality show. So it appears that Beverly Hills oddest and funniest couple will not divorce.
I'm glad Sam was angry with Carmen. I know a great opportunity is awaiting her, but really - expect Sam to wait for her for TWO years - a very selfish request that was indeed.
I'm glad Valerie is not listening to her mother. It's her life to live - good decision or bad, but I wonder will she ever know that Remi dated Flora and that she was pregnant for him?
Lastly, I hate, hate, hate it that Rosie trusted Peri and felt indebted to her. So, what happens to her son now - will Spence save Rosie?? I guess the viewers have to wait unit next summer - such a long wait it will be.

Devious Maids Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Oh my God. He left last night. He says he wants to help vaccinate people in the Congo. It sounds like the worst vacation ever.


It'll be my fourth wedding in this church. If the minister recognizes me, I'm toast.