"Men vs. Wild"

Jase and Willie go up against Alan and Jep in a race for survival on Duck Dynasty.

"De-Bug Life"

The boys find a gator in their duck pond and Willie and Si promote a car wash on Duck Dynasty.

"Brand of Brothers"

Phil teaches his granddaughter about nature while the boys come up with a new logo for Duck Commander on Duck Dynasty.


Willie plans to train with real firemen while Kay looks at burial plots on Duck Dynasty.

"Hands on a Woodchipper"

Lily goes out with a boy from her school while Willie sponsors a radio contest on Duck Dynasty.

"Quack and Gown"

Korie, Jep, Jessica and Kay pull a prank while Jase takes Reed frog hunting on Duck Dynasty.

"Governor's Travels"

In the Duck Dynasty season 6 premiere, Willie is given a commerce award from the governor of Louisianna.

"Stand by Mia"

A family reunion is planned by the Robertsons on the season 5 finale of Duck Dynasty. It's an emotional one.

"The Big LeCOWski"

When Jase creates an invention, the guys decide to test it out on Duck Dynasty.

"Fowl Playhouse"

Jase and the guys spend the day buiding a playhouse for Jep's kids on Duck Dynasty.

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Duck Dynasty Quotes

You ever seen a dead animal in the road? That's the way your brain will look.


What are y'all doing? Why ain’t y'all working?