"Mo Math, Mo Problems"

On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 6, Wilie helps Sadie with her homework by enlisting the men to create a real-life version of her math problem. Pretty cool, idea, right?

"The Cannonball Runs"

On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 5, Jase enters an outhouse race to try and promote Willie’s Duck Diner. He faces an unexpected rival during it.

"A Home for the Holidays"

On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 4, The Robertsons celebrate the holidays by helping an employee whose mother has fallen on some difficult times.

"Quack in the Saddle"

On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 3, Willie becomes the temporary owner of a horse. So he and the guy take it to a local track and enter it in a race.

"Good Night and Good Duck"

On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 2, the Robertsons host a special holiday episode in which they take over a local TV program titled “Good Morning Arklamiss."

"Glory Is the Reward of Mallard"

Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 1 brought the Robertson family back into our lives. It found Willie going on a business trip to Scotland, to very entertaining results.

"Lake Boss"

It's Willie's birthday and Jase plans a party to celebrate on Duck Dynasty.

"Return of the Beavers"

Korie and Willie bring Bella to karate class and beavers are causing problems for Phil on Duck Dynasty.

"Men vs. Wild"

Jase and Willie go up against Alan and Jep in a race for survival on Duck Dynasty.

"De-Bug Life"

The boys find a gator in their duck pond and Willie and Si promote a car wash on Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty Quotes

You ever seen a dead animal in the road? That's the way your brain will look.


What are y'all doing? Why ain’t y'all working?