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On the premiere of Fairly Legal:

- Kate Reed was an attorney at her father’s high-end San Francisco law firm until she became discouraged with the legal system and decided to switch sides. She’s now a mediator specializing in conflict resolution. In a nutshell, she tries to keep people from going to court.

- Kate’s father is recently deceased and her step-mother Lauren now runs the firm. Although Kate and Lauren don’t always see eye to eye, Lauren asks her to help negotiate a contract that will help them keep one of the firm’s high end clients, Charles and Douglas Pease.

- Charles Pease was ready to sign until his son Douglas was in an accident the night before. He was run off the road by two men in another vehicle. The passenger had a gun. Unfortunately, Douglas was legally drunk. The Pease’s want to avoid going to court and any publicity.

- Kate agrees to talk to Justin, her ex-husband and the assistant district attorney. During their conversation, Kate steals the file and realizes that while the passenger has a long criminal history, the driver, Nathan does not and was going to Yale in the fall. Now he’s looking at five years in prison.

- The men in the car say a woman was driving, not Douglas. Kate asks Douglas to ask the ADA to drop the charges against Nathan and perhaps they can keep his affair quiet. Douglas father Charles is vehemently opposed to the idea so Douglas won’t do it.

- Kate has her assistant Leonardo keep digging. Leo gets traffic camera footage that shows it wasn’t a woman driving Douglas’ car, it was Douglas dressed as a woman. When Kate confronts him with the pictures, Douglas goes to the ADA and drops the charges against Nathan. Charles and Douglas agree to sign the contract continuing their business with Reed and Reed.

- Kate is also called in on a case for Judge Nicastro. A man is suing three people for ten million dollars because he feels they botched his wedding proposal. Kate quickly realizes that he is really upset with his fiancé for loosing his grandmother’s engagement ring. Kate helps them work out their problems and the lawsuit is dropped. Unfortunately, Judge Nicastro still holds Kate in contempt of court for being four minutes late.

- In the end, Kate has drinks and a conversation with her father’s ashes, trying to make him understand why she became a mediator. It is something she wasn’t able to do while he was still alive.

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As a certified mediator AND attorney, I am slowly moving towards building an all mediation practice. I do believe this is a great show and helps to explain to laymen in general terms the purpose and need for mediators. It is hard to explain how they are just as important, if not more so than attorneys. I do mediations for cases with clients that are pro bono (have no attorney) and those that do. I welcome this show, even though some of the situations are unrealistic. Most judges I have worked with love mediators because it clears their dockets and allows for the parties to make their own outcome (of course within the law). Bravo, USA! I'll keep watching. Please give it time to grow and don't pull it after two weeks like the networks did to "The Whole Truth."


I thought it was very creative and I liked the characters with so many reality shows on now I am impressed with USA that they continue to create well written, interesting , fun shows and I will add this to my growing list of USA shows that are must see


I enjoyed much of the pilot. It was interesting and the lead character had a skill similar to Patric Jane "The Mentalist" in her ability to "read" people. th plot(s) were good but I will not be watching this show again. She used the phrase "G _ _ damn it" This is not acceptable to me or any true Christian.


Really did not like it much. Will give it one more try and then if not good, will stop watching.

Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Kate: She's a bit obsessive, our step-mother. Don't you think?
Spencer: That's what Dad loved about her.
Kate: I thought that was her ass.
Spencer: There's that too.

We most definitely have a deal. There is no sex ever. And when we do have sex there is no spending the night.