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Forever is an ABC drama that stars Ioan Gruffudd as an immortal medical examiner. With the help of a cop, we watch as his long life has its layers peeled back.

Forever stars Ioann Gruffudd as immortal, Henry Warden.

Henry has been around for over two hundred years. Ever since someone cursed him on a ship during the slave trade, he can't die. Whenever he attempts to meet his maker, he wakes up in a river, naked.

Henry constantly finds himself having to explain himself due to the awkward situations that he gets himself into. The love of his life, Abigail accepted him for who he is. She is presumed deceased as flashbacks show their relationship begin to flourish during World War II.

Henry's only confidante is Abe, a seventy year old man. Abigail found him as a baby and he has been with Henry ever since. Henry was a father figure to him many years ago, but now, the roles are very much reversed. When Henry is involved in a subway crash, he finds himself involved with Detective Jo Martinez, a beautiful widow who likes him, and recruits him as her medical examiner.

Henry was under the impression he was the sole person that was immortal. That was until he begun being stalked by a two thousand plus years man who says he has all the time in the world to reveal the truth to Henry.

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It has been said that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken. That we are only truly gone when we disappear from the memories of those who loved us, meaning a great artist never dies along as his books are read, his paintings admired, as long as our songs are sung, may each of us live forever. As for me, maybe its time to learn a new song, fortunately i have an excellent teacher.


None of us can make it through this life without suffering some kind of pain. Having lived through my fair share I can tell you the most difficult to endure is loneliness. Adam was right. Life is a game, and one that we must play. No matter how careful we are there is simply no way to go through this life unscathed, but fortunately for us, it's a game we don't have to play alone.