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-Steven Bash and Jared Franklin are two brash, nontraditional lawyers who refer to their office as "the cave" and are three weeks behind on paying their staff of two.

-Stanton Infeld offers Franklin and Bash positions at his law firm because they remind him of he and his partner when they were starting out. 

-Bash defends Annie, a dominatrix who is accused of being a prostitute. She claims the client was actually her boyfriend and they were in love. Unfortunately he is married and won't admit it on the stand. 

-Bash tries to show the jury what love is but when the boyfriend can't look Annie in the eye when he says he doesn't love her they come back with a not guilty verdict.

-Infeld's nephew, Damian helps pay off a witness to make an airline pilot look bad but help the airline's case. F & B's associate, Pindar overhears the plan but his agoraphobia prevents him from testifying.

-Pindar surprisingly makes it to the stock holder's party where Franklin and Bash tell Infeld what his nephew has done. Infeld drops the client and tells Damian they will speak later.

-Bash's ex-girlfriend Janie tells him she is engaged. He is crushed and hopes he still has a chance.

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This show has everything I want in entertainment television and more! It was so much fun, I watched the show twice. Surprisingly, I laughed even harder the second time around - I had missed some of the more subtle humor the first time. There actually is an amazing level of intelligence to the witty dialogue. I probably missed a few great lines due to eye-candy distraction... Sometimes the world today seems cold, dumb and ugly. For me, this episode of Franklin & Bash was hot, smart and beautiful. Just the break from reality I really needed. This is my new favorite show on TV. And, if you want a real laugh, watch the pilot twice!

Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

See that's a talent, sounding like a total asshole even when you're supposedly saying something sincere.


"Sorry, sorry. Jean Claude Van Damme marathon last night. Unavoidable.