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This episode was all about characters being unable to accept new or changing circumstances.

There was Landry, trying to talk maturely to Jess about their kiss last week... only to be slapped in the face when he mentioned feelings for Tyra.

There was Riggins and Lyla hooking up big time now that she's back in town, only for Riggins to still not want enough out of life to satisfy his possible soulmate. As a result, Lyla left town again, heading back to college and seemingly putting a real end to their relationship/future.

There was Saracen and Julie, who attended a music festival in Austin, only for both to realize that Matt made a mistake by staying. Julie felt guilty about it and Matt felt like the time was now to get away. It helped that the army gave his family $100,000 upon the death of his father, providing financial support for his grandmother. The episode concluded by Julie crying hysterically and Matt driving off on the open road. A bit ambiguous, but Zach Gilford is expected back later this season.

On the field, the Lions stayed with one of the top teams in the state. They only lost 14-7, as Vince was anointed the new quarterback. There's hope for this team yet!

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Just watched the Son episode which was hear breaking, Zach gilford is an amazing actor and he created an incredible role with his grandmother, I tried to find out who the new guy is who plays Luke but could not.this show has always had real heart and I think the subilties of most of the characters are most interesting and how they have grown and mixed the young cast stories with the older cast members.Hope I get to see it on a tv, as mine is broke and am on a disability pension and do not have the money for a new one and just found out this week that the Ontario government knocked off my special diet of $79.00 off my cheque which makes me poorer.Maybe this is why I connect with this show so deeply with the different financial backgrounds too.


Matt doesn't need to stay for his grandmother anymore. Matt's mom is there to carry the load and he can leave to pursue his life. I'm hoping he makes it to Chicago and art school. Lyla also can't stay - as much as she and Riggins bring to the show - it's unrealistic. She wants to finish school and live her life elsewhere doing ?? and Tim wants to stay in TX working in the shop with Lyla beside him. Won't ever happen. Tim will likely end up leaving at the end of this season as well. He'll figure out what it is he wants, and I don't think it will be in Dillon if Dillon doesn't include Lyla. Julie will go too, off to college. FNL is an ever-changing, ensemble cast (like ER) with many characters leaving as others arrive. These types of shows are always the best. Don't be sad that Tim and Lyla and Matt and Julie and Tyra and Jason and Smash are gone . . . be glad you got to enjoy them while they were part of the show.


I totally agree, Tyla forever! It would be really hard for me to see Tim with anyone else besides Lyla. But, I really feel the main characters moving on has a lot to do with the shows ratings (I will never understand how this show didn't catch on). They never knew from one season to the next if they were coming back so I think they tried to mix things up to boost ratings. I feel FNL fans got cheated of an awful lot. We never got to see how Tim and Lyla finally got together because the writers strike happen in the middle of season 2. Now, we only have two seasons left of our beloved show and they are trying to wrap up the originals storylines. So we will never get to see Tyla together again and what could have been we will never know. Taylor has become a big star so even if they were picked up for additional seasons he probably will have moved on even though he is loyal to FNL big things await him. So much potential lost. Oh well, that is life I guess....Texas forever!


One more note: I am buying Seasons 1-3 on DVD but unless Tim and Lyla come together, I am done. None of the other couples have the same kind of special magic that viewers like to watch, envy, and dream of.


I just found all 3 seasons on Netflix. If I had known. Thought it was a tedious, boring football show. Now, that I have finally found the show and am hooked they get rid of Lyla. Sorry, cant watch Tim get involved with anyone else. I hated when in season 2 & 3 he wasnt with his true love. So, I do not want to see that now that he has made it so clear that noone one else will touch his heart like Lyla has. Big mistake!


"At the conclusion of season three, he had decided to stay in Dillon to take care of his grandmother, remember? Now, however, it's supposedly all about Julie; a plot device that makes his exit more rational, sure, but it also changes the character a bit. It makes him more weak than heroic." After Matt's dad died, they got a check from the government that was enough to make sure Matt's grandmother would be cared for, so the only OTHER reason for Matt to remain was Julie. I don't think it changes the character, and I don't think it makes him weak.


I totally agree with you, Tim and Lyla were a big part of the show, I really loved how their relationship grew and matured in Season 3. I am not quite sure what the writers are thinking by getting rid of Tyla. Tyla forever!


i think that lyla's character should not leave. Her and Riggins' relationship was good for the show. It was a big part of the reason I watched it. They keep losing the main characters. Look at One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. They have the same cast for a long time and they're very successful and more well-known tv shows. If Friday Night Lights kept some of the same characters like Lyla and Tim and Matt, it might appeal to more people. People don't just adjust to major changes to something they really like in a second. But FNL is by far one of my favorite shows. I just wish they would at least keep Lyla.


Best show on television!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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