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On this week's episode...

- Eric helps to organize a football game at Carroll Park to make that are safer. It proves to Virgil that maybe this football coach is a bit different, after all.

- Landry and Jess' relationship heats up, which is initially an issue for Vince. He's now working at the BBQ joint. But after Landry mans up and confronts Vince about it, the latter seems to gain some respect for the former.

- Julie starts to work with Habitat for Humanity and gets close with one of her fellow builders. They share a kiss.

- Becky learns she's pregnant. She asks Luke for money for an abortion and he responds with both support and concern. At the end of the episode, Becky tells this secret to Tim and cries into his arms.

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I'm with Brett on this one. I thought the amount of time spent on the Glenn kiss was perfect and the reactions were priceless This episode is one of my favorites this season. It gave us a little light, a little hope ... after a long dry spell. All is well in Taylor land for now and YES! Riggins didn't make it with the mother/daughter duo after all! Plus Becky's character now has a reason for being because I was just wondering ...


Great review. I think the way the Glen kiss was handled by Eric and Tami was pitch perfect. Any other show would have spent at least a few seconds creating a conflict out of that, and most would have spent an entire episode. It was just more proof that Eric and Tami are the most unique couple on television.