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George - who's gentle, shy personality already jeopardizes his manhood - is not enjoying his "sister" role while living with Meredith and Izzie. The ladies walk in on him showering, ask him to buy tampons and look at him as anything but a desirable member of the opposite sex.

Cristina, on the other hands, has her main desire of the day in mind: she arrives before all other interns in order to get the case of a former nurse at the hospital who is dying of pancreatic cancer. Cristina wants to be in on the whipple surgery.

Meanwhile, Alex has taken too referring to Izzie as "Dr. Model" because she posed in magazines to pay her way through college. The teasing is taken too far, however, when Alex makes countless copies of an ad of Izzie in her undies. He circulates it around the locker room and Izzie responds by stripping herself down, asking everyone if they've gotten their chauvinist fill and then reminding them that she won't be paying off student loans for years thanks to her previous side career. Game, set, match, Dr. Model.

Meredith and Sheppard then square off professionally for the first time. She believes that a construction worker with nails in his head also has the misfortune of a tumor. He and his wife can choose to operate and extend his life, but cost him memories and personality; or, they can leave the tumor alone and having few, real years together. The couple chooses the former and Meredith, sick, forgetful mother on her mind, oversteps her boundaries by berating the wife for her decision.

Despite the disagreement, Meredith meets Sheppard for breakfast the next day. Another love flower could be blooming as Burke is there to comfort Meredith after the retired nurse passes away

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Hello. I love the show, but, didn't discover it until it was in re-runs, which seem to be shown all out of order on the east coast.
Question: Recently (Wed., I think) the episode had sweet George O'Malley throwing himself in front of a bus in order to save a woman. No one knew who the badly damaged hero was until the end of the episode, when Meredith figured it out and yelled "It's George...the hero is George!" The problem is that the episode ended and it was never explained what happened to George...whether he died or recovered or had reconstructive surgery,...or what? The next episode began all over again with Meredith and Derek meeting for the first time.
It's driving me crazy not knowing what happened to George. Does anyone know? Will this ever be explained?
Thanks for any help in figuring this out.


I always thought that Meredith met Derek for an evening supper at the end of the day. It was Cristina who was comforted by Burke, she did CPR when Ellis Grey's nurse had a DNR on her notes


awwsome episode...

Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

ALEX: "So, Grey and Stevens really walk around in their underwear?"
GEORGE: "Um... Not all the time. I mean, some of the time. But not all the time."
ALEX: "Sexy underwear?"
GEORGE: "Yeah..."
ALEX: "And they just let you look at them?"
GEORGE: "Well, uh... yeah."
ALEX: "So they're like your sisters?"
GEORGE: "No! Not like sisters. Uh... no! I don't think of them like sisters."
ALEX: "But they're not coming on to you?"
GEORGE: "Well, not exactly."
ALEX: "And they don't expect you to do anything."
GEORGE: "No, but..."
ALEX: "Like sisters. Just like sisters."

ALEX: "Morning, Dr. Model."
IZZIE: "Dr. Evil Spawn."
ALEX: "Ooooh, nice tat. Do they airbrush that out for the catalogs?"
IZZIE: "I don't know. What do they do for the 666 on your skull?"