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... The tension continues with Meredith keeping her hand on the bomb, Derek refusing to leave the O.R., Dr. Bailey in labor but refusing to give birth, and to top it all off, Richard has what appears to be a heart attack and collapses. It later proves to be a minor anxiety attack (and who can blame him), which he bounces back from by the end of the episode.

George eventually coaxes Miranda into giving birth, and even holds her while Addison delivers the baby. Thanks to Derek's wizardry, Bailey's husband survives after going into cardiac arrest. Alex and Izzie cope with the stress of the situation by getting busy in the linen closet.

Dylan, a member of the bomb squad, talks Meredith through the process of removing the explosive from the patient. She is able to remove it, and hands it off to him. Dylan ever-so-slowly leaves the room. Shortly after leaving the operating room, he and another member of the squad are killed when the bomb explodes. Meredith, who had followed the bomb squad officer into the hall, is knocked unconscious and sustains minor injuries.

The story comes full circle with a revival of the shower scene from the previous week. Only its tone is serious and symbolic, with a fully-clothed Cristina and Izzie cleaning the blood off a shell-shocked Meredith. From the action and the drama to the birth, death and baptismal cleansing, this two-part thrill ride has been a Grey's Anatomy for the ages.

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what is the name of the actress that played Hanna, the paramedic on season 2 and episode 16 & 17?????


Can anyone tell me tell the songs for the episode "As We Know It"?


I know the scene I've just watched the episode.
I just don't know what you mean by "but Shonda wanted to pad this story line out for 5 seasons "
I hope you'll check your post to see if anyone replied ,and answer me .


Derek, post expolsion, says"Whereis she, whereis she?" refering to guess who. He goes to check on guess who( wonder if Ad was aware of the visit) and reminices about their last happy kiss. Silly man, but Shonda wanted to pad this story line out for 5 seasons