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Please someone help. In a very early episode, Dr. Burke treated a patient, whom he described as literally having a "broken heart". It wasn't the lady patient who had a anxiety attack every year her neighbor died, it was another patient and I can't find out which episode it was. I don't have time to watch Season's 1-3 and was hoping someone can help me out....


@Guy watching Grey's with his girl Just watched that episode again, the lady with the 'broken heart'. Also appeared in Dharma and Greg as Dharma's mother. The actress' name is Mimi Kennedy, she also appeared on Private Practice.


A storm rages in Seattle. Izzie is very disappointed by her date with Alex, and Meredith is upset with Derek. They both complain to George, which drives him crazy. At the hospital, Cristina has a patient that uses porn as a pain killer and Meredith takes care of an Asian girl who needs to see a Shaman before surgery. There is a power shortage and George and Alex are stuck in an elevator with a critical patient. They need to perform heart surgery, but Alex is too freaked out and so George does it. The actor that needed heart surgery in the elevator was Daniel Bess he played a police officer with a GSW to the chest.


Hey everyone, Does anyone know who was the guest star with the 'broken heart' is in this episode. We are having the hardest time placing the actress, but know that she's been in a lot of other movies/tv. Can anyone name what shows she's been in?


but grey's anatomy insider is muuuuuuuch better then to read the recaps. ;)


I print out your episode guides for my own record every Friday. (They are wonderful by the way, keep up the good work!) My problem is this: I started watching "Grey's" at the start of the 3rd season and recieved seasons 1 and two as a gift. I fell in love watching the series and searced the web to find your sight. I then proceded to print out the episode guides to every season 1 and 2 episode. unfourtanuately, episode 5 of season 2 (Bring the Pain) was never avalible as if it was never written. I would be very appreciative if you would please help me out and write the guide to this wonderful episode. It is the only one missing from my collection! Thank you very much!

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