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A man from Aunt Marie’s past, Colt, comes to Portland to find three old coins that can grant the owner charisma and leadership qualities, but bring a wake of destruction.

Renard uses the coins to announce that he’s going to help bring crime down in Portland. Afterwards, Colt steals them.

Nick figures Colt out and successfully gets the coins back and hides them in his trailer.

During all of this Colt explains that he was once engaged to Aunt Marie, and she left him 18 years ago to take care of her recently orphaned nephew. He explains that Nick’s parents were also killed in the search for the coins.t

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Awesome! Thanks for posting this. I tried ahsrceing last week and didn't find anything.BTW, thanks for doing this blog. I just discovered it the other day and wish I had known about it when you started it. It's great to have a place to look to for our neighborhood happenings. :)

Grimm Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

He ate a baby. That's rude.


I think the answer to that is yes.