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"The Lighthouse"

On the season 4 finale of Haven, Audrey is desperate to find William and break their connection.

"When the Bough Breaks"

New Troubles hit town just as William tells Audrey about her origins on Haven.

"A Shot in the Dark"

The Darkside Seekers come to town when a monster from folklore

"The Trouble with Troubles"

When Audrey ends up in an alternate Haven, she must decide whether to leave it as it is or turn it back to the Troubled town she knows.


Audrey tries to rescue William from the mysterious thugs in the barn on Haven.


The entire town is in jeopardy when it faces a threat from the sea on Haven.

"Lay Me Down"

Duke lands in a difficult situation while trying to handle his brother and the residents in town are plagued with nightmarish dreams on Haven.


Lexie aides Duke and Nathan in trying to track down a person who can petrify people on Haven.

"The New Girl"

Nathan begins to realize that although Lexie and Audrey may look alike, their personalities are completely different on Haven.

"Lost and Found"

Dwight and Nathan investigate when children seem to have disappeared under impossible circumstances while Duke and Jennifer try to find Audrey on Haven.