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We're sorry, but this episode of Heroes was incomprehensibly poor. You may think we're exaggerating when we detail how LITTLE actually happened, but we're not...

- Hiro kept trying to back in time, in order to save the life of a former employee that wanted to commit suicide because he got fired - and shamed by his family - for photocopying his butt. Seriously. This was the storyline! Hiro was never successful, however, as the employee kept finding new ways to, yes, photocopy his butt.

The message here, we suppose, is that you can't change the future. (Except Hiro did change the future of Ando and his sister two weeks ago.) Hiro then admitted his illness to his sister, only to vanish in front of her and Ando's eyes.

- Tracy wanted to get her old job back, while HRG was trying to decide if he wanted a job at all. He never really came to a conclusion by the end, remaining unemployed and on the verge of a divorce. Tracy, though, cozied back up to the Governor, who took her back immediately - and then made it clear he only wanted her for sex. We're not sure what else Tracy thought he wanted her for, but she turned down his offer (and, crying in the bathroom, her hands turned into water for a few moments).

- Our only, very brief glimpse of Samuel, showed him seeing HRG's face on Lydia's back. He seemed confused, as he didn't think he'd be bringing HRG into the fold.

- As for Nathan, his Sylar-like powers (when he touched objects and saw their histories) revealed that he accidentally killed his high school sweetheart. He mom had used the Haitian to wipe clean his memory and cover up the murder.

But when this girl's mother (the great Swoosie Kurtz) discovered what Angela, and Nathan, had done, she sent a good to kidnap Nathan. He did so, shot Nathan and buried him in a yard. The episode ends, though, with a hand reaching out from underground: it's Sylar!

We wanna be positive, we really do. But do you remember Hiro from season one? Heck, season two? The guy had a real purpose. Now, what the heck have they done with him?!? This is downright embarrassing.

Also, the amount of time spent drawing out the Nathan storyline made it clear the show had positively no idea what to do this week.

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irs goon not good


Peter doesn't make up any other excuse for Nathan's new powers because he was there when Nathan died and Sylar's memory was wiped. He can't say "because you're Sylar," and it was a question he probably hadn't thought of ever being asked. If Peter's memory was erased then the whole "must run in the family" thing is stupid, but if he knows about Sylar it's a lame excuse and I'd be super confused if I was Nathan, but at least Peter says SOMETHING to clear up Nathan's worries. Anyway, I agree with Resa- what the heck happened to the Irish girl?!


Although I hate what they are doing to the show. I liked season 1. I sorta blur 2 and 3, but in defense of Hiro. The only reason why he became that awesome ninja was because Ando died (right?).. so Hiro became all cold and obsessed with changing the past. Anyhoos, I agree, this show is getting a little nonsensical. Its getting pretty annoying (I hate how no one really grieves in this show, its like, oh the love of my life died, MOVE ON!.. remember the Irish girl Peter was with? He left her in the future and just forgot about her LOL). And yeah, Sylar is always getting in and out of his powers. Its pretty much the same thing over and over again.


Imogen Heap. I found it.


who did the song in the opening segment with Tracy getting ready to go out?


Wow! What a disaster! Last week sucked! So far the season is bombing.The characters have no evolution and this is the 4 season. Remember Hiro in the subway in s01 when he tells peter to save the cheerleader? Were is that Hiro? It's been 3 years and now he's dying so when do he become that Hiro Ninja we've been waiting for? Never, cause the show sucks, the writers are idiots. As for the Peter and Sylar being to powerful. It's the reason I watched. Taking away Peter's power's would be like rendering Neo powerless in the matrix. Well guess what, you do that and you have no more movie. As for Sylar, well think about every year it's the same thing. He somehow loses him self in a season finaly and spends the hole of the next season trying to get his powers back or his memory, and when he finaly get's back on track, he loses it all again. When is this guy gona get a break. I give up And I like Heroes. Pls someone fix this show


How much more stupid can the writers make Peter? Peter doesn't even find it odd or questions why Nathan all of a sudden has new powers. All he can think is "Must run in the family".


I'm sorry, but I feel like the episode was decent. Hiro realized he needed to tell his sister he was dieing and that part was moving. Claire knocked some sense into Bennett and Tracy is having trouble figuring out what to do with herself. Atleast we have a decent story behind how Nathan disappears and turns back into Sylar without a plot hole! I'm real positive the season will become more and more interesting from here! And I know why most of you didn't like it - not enough face time for Peter and Samuel

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Nathan just hasn't been himself lately.


Governor: Tracy, is that you?
Tracy: Hello, Governor. I'm back.