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As has become the norm this season, very little happened this week.

Hiro and Ando successfully broke Mohinder out of the mental hospital. You know, because we've been SO concerned over his fate for the last few weeks. Ando then used his powers to short-circuit Hiro back into normalcy and the trio transported away from danger - and into Noah's living room.

Samuel tracked down his long-lost love, Vanessa. He basically kidnapped her and brought her to the carnival, promising to show her something truly "beautiful" by the end of the episode.

Parkman made an appearance, trying to help HRG locate Vanessa and, eventually, Samuel. This plan went awry, however, and Parkman was left back at home, cooking dinner for his wife and son and feeling useless, like his fear was letting all his friends down.

Peter took his mom's dreaming power so he could see into the future and understand why she so feared Emma. In his fantasy, he saw Emma killing thousands of people, somehow due to the use of her cello. As a result, he went over there and destroyed it, very much to Emma's chagrin.

Finally, we never saw Sylar, but we did see Claire acting a bit strangely when HRG went to visit her at college. It stands to reason that Sylar may have been in her room or playing some role in that scene. Still, it was a terrible decision by the series to not show him or follow up on this storyline at all, just a week after its cliffhanging conclusion to an episode that featured him.

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i totally disagree if there is still any reason to watch heroes is because of sylar


Actually i am getting bored of the show... Syler is a bit too much and there is too little from Peter and Hiro, the two Lively characters in the Heroes... Clarie and Bennet seems to be too much involved in the episodes unnecessarily... Damn... I am missing the charm of Heroes Season 1... That was a Awesome season...


Sylar is only still around because Zachary is such a bust-out movie star from his role as Spock the new Star Trek franchise, so he can throw his weight around and demand demands for bigger parts of the story. Peter meanwhile ... the original golden boy of the show ... has ow been reduced to a bit player. But Sylar's character no longer makes any sense from week to week and it is obvious the writers dont know what to do with him or how to get rid of him. one minute he's the uber villain with more powers than anyone can imagine (I mean come on, he has dozens yet he only seems to use shapeshifting or telekenesis ... lamo), the next minute hes just a pawn for Samuel.


I don't think it was such a terrible episode. At least the parts with Ando were really funny, and I didn't even miss Sylar. (That's because I think he should have died a long time ago; at the end of season 1)