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Saul brings in a young analyst to track down where the money from the Langley attack and others originated from.  They eventually found it.  He also had Carrie put in psychiatric care when she tried talking to reporters about her side of the Brody story.  Quinn has trouble dealing with his most recent mission, and has a problem with what Saul is doing to Carrie.  Dana can’t handle being at home, and Jessica can’t handle Dana.

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Way too much Dana- teenagers are not all that interesting. My husband was reading a book instead of watching the screen during the scenes between Dana and the new boyfriend. I miss Brody. Why was he written out of the first two episodes? Maybe Damian Lewis is being paid per episode, so the show saved some money. If the writers kill off Brody this season, I'm done watching.

Homeland Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I want to be alive, and the reason for that is Leo.


I want you to know that what's going on here is not okay with me.

Quinn (to Saul)