Dr. Adams and Dr. Park
Watch House Season 8 Episode 3
"Charity Case"
Original Air Date:

Wentworth Miller guest stars on House this week. He plays a patient who collapses after making a large charity donation.

House and Wilson Picture
Watch House Season 8 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

House is back in Princeton Plainsboro this week. He realizes that a lot has changed since he last worked there.

Jailed House
Watch House Season 8 Episode 1
"Twenty Vicodin"
Original Air Date:

The season eight premiere finds House in jail. It picks up a year after events on the season seven finale.

Nice Elephant
Watch House Season 7 Episode 23
"Moving On"
Original Air Date:

House makes a major decision this week. It affects his relationship with everyone.

Helping House
Watch House Season 7 Episode 22
"After Hours"
Original Air Date:

House has surgery on this episode of House, as Wilson assists his pal and Cuddy remains worried about him. Also, Thirteen asks Chase for help.

House Boxing
Watch House Season 7 Episode 21
"The Fix"
Original Air Date:

House takes a boxer under his wing to win a bet with Wilson, while the team things he has a new drug problem.

House Ponders Life
Watch House Season 7 Episode 20
Original Air Date:

House finds his job is in jeopardy when Cuddy's mother threatens to sue the hospital.

House and His Understudy
Watch House Season 7 Episode 19
"Last Temptation"
Original Air Date:

Masters passes House's final exam and Thirteen returns to work in this episode of House. Full recap to come soon!

Release of Thirteen
Watch House Season 7 Episode 18
"The Dig"
Original Air Date:

Thirteen has been in jail?!? Olivia Wilde returns to House this week and we learn where her character has been.

This is the Life...
Watch House Season 7 Episode 17
"Fall From Grace"
Original Air Date:

Cuddy admits to Wilson that she's guilty over dumping House. Elsewhere, the patient of the week is a homeless man with a history of drug abuse.

House Quotes

You know another really good business? Teeny tiny baby coffins. You can get them in frog green or fire engine red. Really. The antibodies in yummy mummy only protect the kid for six months, which is why these companies think they can gouge you. They think that you'll spend whatever they ask to keep your kid alive. Want to change things? Prove them wrong. A few hundred parents like you decide they'd rather let their kid die than cough up forty bucks for a vaccination, believe me, prices will drop really fast.


You're an ass!

Dr. Adams