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Nate finds himself under arrest after a job goes horribly wrong and the police find that team was killed. 

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Is there any chance there will be a season 6 of Leverage? I have an entire household addicted to it. Ages range from 8-49...WE ALL LOVE IT!!!!!! Cancelling this show will be one of the, if not THE BIGGEST MISTAKES THE NETWORK COULD POSSIBLY MAKE!! I and thousands of fans hope it will return. There aren't many shows on television that an entire family can watch together with their children.


I can't believe they cancelled Leverage! One of the best shows on tv!


Im sooooo upset leverage was cancelled!!!! I watch it 23/7 ! Gonna miss you guys!

Leverage Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Sterling: What you were doing, back in the room, where did you learn to act like that?
Nate: Sophie. She really helped me. She's directing now. She found her calling.

I've seen Sophie Devereaux play a dozen people.... drunk.