Leverage Review: Like All Good Things...

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Just a few days ago TNT announced the end of Leverage. The proverbial silver lining tot his sad announcement?

Creator Dean Devlin saw the writing on the wall and "The Long Goodbye Job" was written to end the series just in case events went as they did. The news couldn't have come as a shock to the producer because in my interview with Devlin he stated this episode was always the way he had seen the series ending.

The Final Job

Devlin found the best way possible to pen both a series finale and keep open the possibility of a sixth season:

You wrap up Nate’s story, as he was the core of the pilot and the man who brought everyone together. I’ve know that Parker had been evolving over the last few seasons and even more so over the last three episodes, but I would not have pegged her as the new leader. 

That said, it’s obvious when you look at how much Parker has taken the lead. From last year’s episode with just Hardison, Eliot and her to this year’s installment with her broken leg, Parker has been point more times that we realize - and done well doing so.

My only disappointment with the finale was not finding out Sophie’s real name. Sure, Nate used "Laura" when he proposed, but she fairly quickly reminded him that it wasn't her real name. Not that we will ever find out, but I still believe she really does come from royalty and that we saw a peek of it in "The King George Job."

Finally, while it is sad that TNT decided not to renew the show, maybe we will get a New Year’s miracle and someone else will pick it up. Given than Devlin’s Electric Entertainment produces it, I’m guessing there is a very tiny chance it could find a new network. But I’m not holding my breath. Mr. Devlin, it's been a lot of fun, I look forward to your next project. 

In conclusion, thank you for joining us here on TV Fanatic. I have loved reviewing the show for the last two-plus years. We hope you continue to come back for all the new mid-season shows starting in January. For the finale, I give it 5 super criminals who stole our heart each week. 


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Just got finished watching it and wow, that ending scene with parker was just cringeworthy That should have been hardison


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I hope USA Network picks this up. Leverage and (The USA Network Show) Psych have a long history of "shouting each other out" in references in numerous episodes and overall I think Leverage would be a great fit with USA's lineup. Leverage would appeal to many of the fans of shows like Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, and basically all the other shows on this network where characters are welcome. I'm disappointed to see Leverage go and clearly other fans are too. It is, after all, the first canceled show to win a People's Choice Award following its cancellation. I still hold out hope that it will get picked up. To my fellow Leverage fans, "Lets Go Steal A Season 6!" If fans of the show "The Game," which BET utterly destroyed, can get it picked up after 2 years off the air, we can surely do the same for Leverage.


Just a note for the reviewer, John Rodgers recently stated on his podcast that "Laura" WAS Sophie's real name if the show doesn't come back (they taped the podcast before the announcement), and that she'd just whisper to Nate that she was kidding about it not being her real name.


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Loved the finale.


When a network starts shifting a popular sow from night to night it is trying to get rid of it dispite how popular it is, and that is why TNT kept changing Leverage.It is he best show on TNT at the present. Guess I wll hqvr too start looking at other networks.


While I didn't realize Leverage was ending, I was delighted not to miss the series finale as a Christmas gift! I immediately ordered the first four seasons on DVD and will watch for season five to purchase. Leverage is worth keeping ~


Then why did it say season finale and not series finale. I'm getting real tired of TV's crappy shows. Once I lose supernatural I think I'm going to throw my tv out a window. Flag this networks...you have been making stupid decisions as of late...starting with the fact that there are about 20 singing competition shows. Something is going to have to change because in case they've failed to notice...the public is unhappy.

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Sterling: What you were doing, back in the room, where did you learn to act like that?
Nate: Sophie. She really helped me. She's directing now. She found her calling.

I've seen Sophie Devereaux play a dozen people.... drunk.