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The episode opened with Lightman and Zoe at the execution of Jason Wilkie, a man that Zoe convicted 17 years earlier. As that man was saying his last words, Lightman realized he was telling the truth and tried to stop the execution.

Jason Wilkie was put to death and shortly after the phone calls started again to the Aunt and Uncle of the murdered boy just like the ones that were made before the murder Jason was convicted of. The family found that their oldest son Oliver was now missing and they suspected the murder now had him.

Jason’s brother, Kevin Wilkie stormed into the Lightman Group and said he was going to sue Lightman and the state of Virginia for the wrongful death of his brother.
With the Lightman Group on thin ice, Ria and Eli discussed their future. Eli saying they should be looking for new jobs while Ria was on the side of loyalty to Lightman. Agent Reynolds confronts Lightman and told him that the FBI has demanded him off the case or the FBI will drop the entire Lightman Group.

Lightman found out that Jason had a girlfriend Beth who he had dated back during the time of the murder. Beth checked herself into a mental hospital the same day that Jason was put to death.  Lightman got himself checked in so that he could talk to Beth where she told Lightman that Jason had a childhood friend from band camp he called “the pied piper."

After Lightman received a threatening phone call regarding Emily from the murder, He and Zoe went back through all the items from the case and found pictures of Jason, Kevin and their older brother. William who had died of Pneumonia when they were children. They also found a picture of Kevin playing the clarinet. Agent Reynolds and the FBI tracked Kevin’s cell to a warehouse he had been at recently where Lightman found Oliver alive sealed inside a wall.

Kevin attacked Lightman and after a struggle the FBI came in and arrested him. It turned out that Kevin and Jason blamed Oliver’s family for their brother’s death since their father had been laid off from a company that Oliver’s grandparent owned. This caused them not to have any medical coverage and this was why William never made it to the hospital and died. After Jason was put to death Kevin felt like he needed to avenge Jason’s death as they had done William and took Oliver.

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What I understood from the episode is as follows: Lightman helped Zoe in Jason's conviction as it was her first case, at which time he found Jason guilty of the crime he had committed (i.e. Rex's murder). After 17 years when Jason was being put to death, he said he did not take Rex and in fact Pied Piper took him (remember he never said that he did not kill Rex). At that time also, Lightman's judgement was correct because Kevin had actually taken the child and had Jason murder him. So Jason was never an innocent man, and same goes for Kevin when he decided to abduct and murder Oliver. Hope that solves the mystery!


There's one thing about this episode that I don't really understand. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
It was said that Lightman was also responsible for Jason's conviction years ago. At some point in the beginning he says that he thinks he was not wrong back then and is also right now.
How can this be? Was Jason responsible for the murder he was convicted off? If so, Lightman must have been wrong at the execution. If he was innocent, he must have been wrong 17 years ago. What was the final conclusion regarding that?
Or put differently: Why was Lightman's group not closed down if an innocent man had in fact been executed?
Sorry, I didn't have the chance to follow the episode too closely, so I may have missed a few important details.

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Agent Reynolds: Frankly you are beginning to sound a little insane.
Lightman: Really?
Reynolds: Really.
Lightman: I was hoping you would say that.

Eli: Does Lightman seem weird to you?
Tia: He's rude, impatient, distant, seems pretty normal to me.